Portrait of a Graduate

Westminster graduates understand the times and know what they should do. They seek Jesus Christ and follow His lead. With Christian minds they critically think about the world in which they live and work. They serve and influence their community and the world.

Westminster graduates move from the classroom to the athletic field and fine arts center with ease. They enjoy life, are not afraid to work hard and others seek their company. They listen carefully and communicate effectively. They appreciate beauty and the complexity of God’s creation.

Westminster graduates work well with others but are unafraid to chart their own course. They value the insights and gifts of others and contribute to the strength of a team. Their relationships are marked by grace and mercy. They are willing to take risks because they are confident in God’s calling and purposes.

Westminster graduates do the right thing even when no one is looking and even at personal cost. They live with integrity, act responsibly and respect others and God’s gift of creation. In light of eternity, they pursue justice with wisdom and humility.

Westminster graduates, knowing they have not yet arrived, always seek improvement and strive to finish well. They are inspired lifelong learners who find solutions by asking good questions. They diligently hone their skills and effectively manage time. In all things they pursue excellence for God’s glory.