Academic Support

Academic Support Program Mission

At Westminster, our mission is to glorify God by providing an excellent education that will equip students to live extraordinary lives for Jesus Christ.  We believe each student is made in the image of God.


  • We seek to know, love, and serve all students as individuals, recognizing and developing their unique gifts and abilities, so they may accomplish God’s purpose in their lives.
  • We acknowledge, appreciate, and adjust to the various ways children learn.
  • We strive toward excellence in all things, to the glory of God.

Academic Support’s goal is to produce successful students who are independent learners and students who are prepared to meet challenges and to overcome them; and to produce learners who understand their strengths and weaknesses and have developed strategies to aid in using their strengths to overcome weaker areas. The AS Program at Westminster is a network of parents, teachers, and students working together to nurture and encourage the academic potential in every student. As our mission, we seek to glorify God by providing an excellent education that equips students to live extraordinary lives for Jesus Christ.

We believe that each student is unique and we work to create a plan tailored to fit each student individually. The services provided will be driven by the individual needs of the student. Each AS Coordinator will view each child as an individual with specific strengths and weaknesses. Academic Coaches are chosen to match the student, and the relationship between Coach and student is special and important.