Academic Support Services

The services offered through the Academic Support (AS) Department are described below and are fee-based.

Core Academic Course
 (Lower, Middle and Upper Schools)

The student is taught an academic course (language arts, math, science, social studies) in a one-on-one setting. Core course material follows the curriculum guide and is tailored to meet the individual needs of the student. The core course helps the student prepare to enter the regular classroom setting at the appropriate time. Core courses meet daily.

Single Course Coaching (Lower School)

The academic coach works with a student outside of the regular classroom 2 or 3 times each week in either a one-on-one or a small group (1-3) setting during the school day. The coach will supplement regular classroom instruction with additional practice and review in specific subject and skills areas. The coach works closely with the classroom teacher.

Homework Help (Lower School)

The student receives individualized help from an academic coach in different academic areas. This help is provided primarily after school and may occur 1-4 times per week based on each student’s needs.

Early Childhood Academic Support (Lower School)

Students in TK, kindergarten, and first grade may receive support for up to 90 minutes per week. These services provide assistance with phonological awareness, spelling, handwriting, and/or math.

Academic Coaching (Middle & Upper Schools)

The coach will meet with the student to develop skills in the following areas: time management, organization, studying/reviewing for tests, note taking, goal setting, and/or content area instruction. The primary goal is to increase the student’s level of academic independence and to help the student leverage academic strengths and to build up areas of weakness. Coaches may meet 2 to 5 days per week based on the student’s need.

Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program is based on neuroscience research demonstrating that it is possible to address learning disabilities by identifying and strengthening weak cognitive capacities. In 2013, Westminster started its own pilot Arrowsmith classroom for this program. For more information about this program, visit their website.


Instruction in preparation for taking the SAT, ACT and PSAT is available from Elease Layman, Westminster alumna. Students may enroll in group courses and are encouraged to supplement courses with private tutoring if possible. All group courses are held at Westminster and are open to the public.

Information about courses/tutoring: