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Welcome to Westminster Schools of Augusta’s college counseling homepage. The purpose of these pages is to provide useful and current information on a variety of college admissions issues. If you have particular questions about college admissions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact me for more information.

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Alex McCallie

Director of College Counseling
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Seniors need to pay close attention to colleges’ deadlines for applications. Students will submit two requests for transcripts. One request is an electronic one made in Naviance. The other request is a paper form submitted to the college counselor. Students planning to use the early decision or early action application option must submit a transcript request form for each college to which she is applying in Naviance and to the college counseling office by October 1 or at least two weeks prior to the college’s stated deadline. Transcript requests for the regular decision deadlines of January 1 and 15 are due by December 1.


Test Date Test Reg. Deadline Late Reg. Deadline
8/26/17 SAT & Subject Tests 7/28/17 8/15/17
10/7/17 SAT & Subject Tests 9/8/17 9/27/17
11/4/17 SAT & Subject Tests 10/5/17 19/25/17
12/2/17 SAT & Subject Tests 11/2/17 11/21/17
3/10/18 SAT Only 2/9/18 2/28/18
5/5/18 SAT & Subject Tests 4/6/18 4/25/18
6/2/18 SAT & Subject Tests 5/3/18 5/23/18


Test Date Test Reg. Deadline Late Reg. Deadline
9/9/17 ACT 8/4/17 8/18/17
10/28/17 ACT 9/22/17 10/6/17
12/9/17 ACT 11/3/17 11/17/17
2/10/18 ACT 1/12/18 1/19/18
4/14/18 ACT 3/9/18 3/23/18
6/9/18 ACT 5/4/18 5/18/18
7/14/18 ACT 6/15/18 6/22/18

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Westminster provides its students with various resources to aid them in the college selection process. A sampling of these resources includes:

College Search Information
Council of Christian Colleges & Universities
Naviance’s Family Connection

Financial Aid

Hope Scholarship Changes as of 2011
FastWEB – a free scholarship search engine
Financial Aid Information Page – provides links to many sources of information about financial aid and scholarship scams
FAFSA Express – download a copy of the FAFSA form
FAFSA on the WEB – complete the FAFSA form online
Loan Information – Sallie Mae provides loan calculations and more.
Financial Aid Calculator – worksheets to help identify alternative ways to finance college costs.
Hope Scholarship Information – for Georgia students
Life Scholarship Information – for South Carolina students

Testing Information

ACT – ACT test date calendar, registration deadlines, online registration, practice tests and more are available here.
SAT/AP (College Board) – SAT test date calendar for both reasoning and subject tests, registration deadlines, online registration, AP information, practice test, PSAT information and more.
Educational Testing Service

Year by Year

9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade