Application Helpful Hints

  1. Read through the application carefully. Note deadlines!
  2. If using an online application, save it frequently.
  3. For blanks regarding the counselor, use the name of your counselor Mr. Alex McCallie, followed by the school address: Westminster Schools of Augusta, 3067 Wheeler Road, Augusta, GA 30909. For the school phone, use 706-731-5260, ext. 2309.
  4. Follow the directions! For example, Georgia Tech’s application has very specific directions regarding the essay. Please read and follow them.
  5. Type your essay on a separate sheet. Turn in your first draft to the counselor for advice if you like before you actually finish the application.
  6. Sign the application (for paper applications).
  7. Fill in the top portion of the Secondary School Report form and sign the waiver if there is one.
  8. Take the teacher recommendation forms to your selected teachers by October 1 for ED or EA and by November 1 for regular admission. Ask them to turn them in to Mr. McCallie when they are done. (See Mr. McCallie for further instructions on this.)
  9. Turn in the entire packet to Mr. McCallie, including your check and your revised essay. If using an online application, just turn in the papers required and inform Mr. McCallie that you are applying online.
  10. Make a copy for your personal file of everything you send to colleges.