Grades 1-5

Westminster does not use one single curriculum for all subjects or all grades.  Through the collaboration of teachers and administration, curriculum in each subject is evaluated.  We tailor our various curricula to meet the academic needs of our students in each grade.

Sadlier-Oxford Progress in Mathematics • Mountain Math • Timed Drills
Math programs emphasize problem-solving, critical thinking skills, and concept development.

4-Square Writing is used in grades 1-3; Composition writing in grades 3, 4 and 5 is guided by the Harcourt Brace Language program

Grammar • Daily Grammar Practive • Open Court • Harcourt Brace
Handwriting • D’Neilian
Reading • VoWac • Open Court • Novels, Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop (grades 4 and 5)

Open Court • VoWac • Vocabulary Workshop

1st – 5th grades: Harcourt

The fifth grade also uses Why America is Free to study the Revolutionary War era.

Our social studies series encourages students to learn about their world while reinforcing reading, math, and language.  Citizenship, geography, history, cultures, map skills, and government are some areas covered.

Silver Burdett and Ginn • Harcourt Brace • MacMillan • McGraw-Hill
Inquiry based science program with grade appropriate kits; hands-on units based on National Science standards. Science programs teach physical, earth, life, and health sciences through science texts, videos, computer resources, and field trips.  We have a major emphasis on scientific inquiry, including process skills and the scientific method.

First- and second-grade students participate in a chronological study of key Old and New Testament stories via Christian School International curriculum combined with the Building on the Rock curriculum (see below). Our third- through fifth-grade students learn biblical, Christian worldview and Bible survey curriculum with Building on the Rock. In all grades, students commit scripture to memory and attend a weekly, joint chapel service.

All grades have Physical Education, Library/Media, Computer Skills (grades 1-5), Art and Music (Kodaly).

Art and Music have coordinated curricula on a five year cycle, running from the Medieval era through the 20th century.