Westminster’s kindergarten program provides a caring and nurturing environment where a love of learning is initiated with a strong academic curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for the young child. We believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged and enjoying themselves. This atmosphere allows for growth and development of the whole child. Kindergarten students at Westminster must be 5-years-old by September 1.

In kindergarten, they enjoy the process of discovery and learning the basic building blocks of knowledge. Time is devoted to teaching appropriate classroom behavior to ensure the success of each student. Students also learn how to positively interact with classmates, teachers and the world.

Language Arts

Kindergarten at Westminster provides students with a strong introduction to language through literature, print awareness, phonemic awareness, systematic phonics instruction, blending and fluency in reading. High-frequency words and predictable/decodable books are used for initial reading experiences.

Children experience spoken language through large group, small group and individual activities. These activities are designed to promote discussion and listening skills. Written language is experienced through dictation and daily creative writing.


The kindergartners develop an understanding of abstract concepts in a concrete manner. Through the use of manipulatives, students learn the concepts of graphing, patterns, number concepts to 100, money, measurement, beginning addition and subtraction, time, basic geometry and problem-solving.

Science & Social Studies

Science and social studies center around hands-on experiments and projects. Science themes studied in kindergarten are the five senses, magnets, weather, seasons, insects and plants. Social studies units include our city, state, country, American history and American holidays.

Bible & Chapel

Conveying the love and goodness of God is the primary goal of Bible class. Through stories of God’s working in the lives of Old and New Testament people, students learn to recognize God’s work and His plan in their own lives. Additionally, all Lower School students and teachers meet together weekly for a chapel service.