Pre-K & Transitional Kindergarten

Seeking to develop a supportive and nurturing learning community, Westminster’s prekindergarten programs are guided by three ideals:

  • Providing a welcoming and inviting learning environment, where each student is known, valued and loved.
  • Offering fun school days that include child friendly schedules and many opportunities to practice new skills.
  • Cultivating a culture where Christian character is encouraged and celebrated.

In order to address the developmental needs of our youngest students, Westminster offers prekindergarten (Pre-K) and transitional kindergarten (TK). The Pre-K curriculum is geared toward younger 4-year-olds who turn four by September 1. The TK curriculum is geared toward older 4-year-olds and younger 5-year-olds and moves at an accelerated pace from the traditional Pre-K class. The goal of both programs is to send well-prepared students to kindergarten. Both Pre-K and TK programs meet Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to noon.

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Language Arts

To begin the journey to becoming wonderful readers and writers, Westminster students are surrounded daily by a language-rich environment. The Pre-K and TK learners explore language through phonics activities and word-study experiences. Oral language development and listening skills are strengthened through many varied large and small group activities.


Beginning skills in mathematics are fostered through many activities involving manipulatives and problem-solving. Students are encouraged to explore, practice and experiment with shapes, patterns and numbers to expand their internal understanding of mathematics and its processes.

Science & Social Studies

Different science and social study units are investigated by Pre-K and TK students throughout the school year. Many of these units coordinate with language lessons and provide opportunities to better understand our community, country and world.

Bible & Chapel

The Pre-K and TK classes participate in daily Bible studies and weekly chapel programs. Students learn about God and His truths at their own developmental level through Bible stories, songs, finger plays and chapel speakers. Teachers and teacher assistants look for daily opportunities to make Biblical lessons come alive during the school day.


Physical education, library, art and music are all part of the weekly schedule for Pre-K and TK students. Art and music have coordinated curricula on a five year cycle, running from the Medieval era through the 20th century.