Welcome from Principal Case

Westminster’s Middle School (6th-8th)

As a middle school educator, my desire is for young people to learn skills through a comprehensive middle school program which recognizes their own potential and challenges each student to grow into responsible, grateful citizens in the community. Through different methods of communication and being available to parents, students and faculty, my objective is to relate that I am in the student’s boat. I will not jump out leaving them to sail alone nor will I take the oars and paddle the boat for them. However, I will captain students to shore pushing them to persevere through obstacles, learn through failure and celebrate their successes. Our goal at WSA is not merely to prepare students for college, but to equip them for the interactions, experiences and challenges awaiting them throughout life.

I am excited to partner with each of you as we build on the rich tradition of Westminster’s excellence in academics, arts and athletics as well as establish and grow a distinctive middle school program to meet the needs of students during their formidable middle school years. Join with me as we build a strong, mission-driven middle school steeped in middle school philosophy and spiritual development. I am eager to support and serve you as we collaborate to empower students as they are challenged to learn valuable lessons of self-discipline, integrity, resilience, in addition to pursuing creativity, teamwork, leadership and critical thinking.

Brian Case
Middle School Principal
706-731-5260, ext. 2343