Westminster’s Middle School (6th-8th)

Westminster’s Portrait of a Graduate outlines goals for our students. It is our hope that students will do the following:

  • Understand the times and know what to do.
  • Transition from the academic classrooms to the athletic fields, through fine arts or other extracurriculars with ease.
  • Work well with others but not be afraid to chart their own course.
  • Do the right things even when no one is looking, regardless of personal cost.
  • Know that they have not yet arrived, should always seek improvement and strive to finish well.

We keep these goals in mind in the Middle School because Middle School years are vital to a student’s growth and development. It is a time when students need to be challenged and try new things, and even need to fail and learn from it. As a faculty, we are committed to coming alongside students as they are directed to learn valuable lessons of self-discipline, integrity and resilience, in addition to pursuing the skills of organization, creativity, teamwork, leadership and critical thinking.

Tracy Lutz
Interim Middle School Principal
706-731-5260, ext. 2343