Upper School Curriculum

Note: Detailed subject philosophies and course descriptions can be found by clicking the course titles in the left-hand column of the below chart.

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

Biblical Studies

Introduction to Christianity

New Testament Studies


Christian Leadership

Ethics & Issues

Modern Thought

Christian Leadership

Ethics & Issues


English 9

Honors English 9

World Literature

Honors World Literature

American Literature

AP English Language & Composition

British Literature

AP English Literature & Composition

Foreign Language

French 1 French 2

Spanish 1 Spanish 2

Latin 1 Latin 2

French 2 Honors French 3

Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Honors Spanish 3

Latin 2 Honors Latin 3

Honors French 3 Honors French 4

Spanish 3 Honors Spanish 3 Honors Spanish 4

Honors Latin 3 AP Latin Honors Latin 4

Honors Greek 1A

Honors French 4 AP French Language & Culture

Honors Spanish 4 AP Spanish Language & Culture

AP Latin Honors Latin 5

Honors Greek 1B


Algebra 1

Honors Geometry


Hon. Algebra 2/ Geometry

Hon. Algebra 2/ Trigonometry

Algebra 2


Honors Precalculus


AP Statistics

AP Calculus BC

Social Studies

World History I

World History II

AP World History

U.S. History

AP U.S. History

Christian Leadership


AP U.S. Government & Politics

Christian Leadership



Honors Biology

Advanced Physical Science

Honors Chemistry


AP Physics 1

Ecology Physics AP Biology AP Chemistry

Fine Arts

Interpretation and Speaking

Public Speaking

Theater Production (IS)


Creative Writing

Literary Journal

Yearbook (Editor)


AP Music Theory*

Drawing and Painting


Advanced Studio Art

AP Studio Art 2-D Design*

AP Studio Art 3-D Design*

AP Studio Art Drawing*

Physical Education

Physical Education 9

Weight Training


Computer Programming

Java Programming

AP Computer Science*

  * denotes that this course is only available to 11th and/or 12th graders.