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Thank you for your interest in Westminster Schools of Augusta. We are proud of our 40-year tradition of providing challenging academics grounded in a Christian world view. We offer a learning environment that allows your child to develop the academic and personal skills essential for success in college while growing in spiritual wisdom and stature. Our admissions process is more than just gathering information about you; it’s about getting to know your family. We want you to get to know us, too, and be able to feel at home and become part of our Westminster community. It is our intention to foster a school community that represents a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic cultures, and church affiliations. We are eager to meet your family and invite you to schedule a visit. Come take a tour of our facilities or sit in on classes for a day. I would be happy to discuss any questions you have about our curriculum, extracurricular activities, or our Christian emphasis. Sincerely,

Aimee Lynch

Director of Admissions
706-731-5260, ext. 2220
Fax: 706-261-7786


From its inception in 1972, Westminster has been considered an outreach of First Presbyterian Church. As such, Westminster maintains an open admissions policy and admits students representing any race, religion, and national or ethnic origin. Approximately 30 percent of our students come from First Presbyterian Church. In addition, more than 70 other churches in the Augusta area are represented in our student body. Though new students are not required to subscribe to any statement of faith nor to accept any particular religious doctrine, they must agree to support the Christian educational philosophy of the school and participate in chapels and required Bible classes. Our admissions process seeks to admit students who are of good character, hard working, academically oriented, and who possess a cooperative spirit when facing academic challenge. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that every admitted student contributes to the benefit of the student body at large. We seek to serve and nurture every student, and we expect each student to fully participate in educational requirements and nurture his or her gifts through extracurricular activities.

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