2014-15 Booster Club Council

President(s) • Dawn and Pat McCraith
Vice President • Tonya Davis
Secretary • Jean Plummer
Treasurer/Bookkeeper • Nancy Newbrey
Membership Coordinators • Julie Vickery
Concessions Coordinators

Purchaser • Jan Barinowski
Scheduler • Christy and Chris Lutz

Publicity Coordinator • Libby Salvador
Spirit Wear Coordinator • Gwen Bakeman
Special Events Assistant(s) • Rusty McGahee and Chris Cawley
Alumni Liaison • Chris Hearon
Sports Representatives

Football • Rhonda Barinowski, Kelly Hitchcock and Christy Lutz
Lower School Reps • Lewis and Eleanor Baird
Cheerleading • Alyson Jenkins
Cross Country • Judy and George Downs
Basketball • Jackie Robertson
Swimming • Libby Salvador
Baseball • Suzanne and Todd Fuller
Soccer • Andrea Newton
Tennis • Christy Heaton
Golf • Stacey and Joe Biggerstaff
Track • Sharon Iwama