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School Lunch Information

We are proud to introduce Flik Independent School Dining as our new dining service provider for the 2015-16 school year. Flik focuses solely on developing dining programs for independent schools, including many in Georgia. Their management team is a dedicated group of school food and nutrition professionals devoted entirely to developing customized solutions for independent schools.

Please take a few minutes to get acquainted with Flik by reading their philosophy statement at the end of this letter. Be sure to also check out their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Their website is undergoing an update at this time.

You will receive detailed payment instructions in the near future. Participants will go online to choose their preferred lunch plan and payment option. Cash will not be accepted for payment. There are cost savings choosing the annual plan, but semester plans and daily options are also available.


Lower School

Annual Plan                           $750 per year
Semester Plan                       $420 per semester
A Daily Meal                          $5.50

Middle/Upper School

Annual Plan                           $850 per year
Semester Plan                       $460 per semester
A Daily Meal                          $6.00

A meal will include a choice of entrée, two sides, a beverage and a dessert.

A la carte items will be available for purchase to complement a purchased meal or a lunch from home.

We are also excited to offer a morning breakfast/snack option. The morning service will offer students grab-and-go beverages, breakfast sandwiches, fruit, yogurt and other items. These would be paid for a la carte via declining balance accounts similar to the lunch payment process.

We are excited about Flik and the anticipated improvements in our dining program. Thank you for your patience and flexibility during the process. You will be hearing more about the program this summer.

If you have questions regarding the dining program, feel free to email me.

Jane Brown
Director of Finance and Operations

A Word from Flik

Nourishing your students is more than our business. Whether you call it a mission, a philosophy or a passion, it’s hard to sum up in a word. So we used three: Eat. Learn. Live.

Eat. Nourish the Body.

We know that mealtime is an important part of the private/independent school experience. To energize your on-the-go students, we create a fun and innovative dining experience unique to your campus and provide wholesome foods so they can easily make healthful choices.

Learn. Stimulate the Mind.

We understand the connection between healthy, balanced meals and achieving peak academic and athletic performance. To help your students make wise choices, we provide engaging and interactive nutrition education opportunities in the dining room, classroom and beyond.

Live. Enhance Quality of Life.

We realize we can make a difference in your students’ lives beyond the dining room. Through a variety of socially-minded programs and initiatives, we seek to reduce waste, practice sustainability and be an active participant in supporting and improving your school’s community.