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Opportunities to earn FREE MONEY for Westminster
Every time you shop at Amazon–for books, toys, even textbooks-Westminster earns 4-8% on purchases made through the link on our website. If you shop directly at Amazon, Westminster does not receive any funds. When following our link, remember that you only have 30 minutes to complete your transaction after adding items to your cart.

Click on the image below to go to Amazon’s store. If you have trouble remembering the link, please bookmark this page as Each time you click on the bookmark it will take you to the Westminster Affiliate Program page, click on the link below and all your purchases will earn money for our school! For more general information on the Amazon affiliate program, click here.



Free Money Programs

There are many opportunities to support Westminster by earning FREE money for our school! Money earned through these programs is used by the Westminster Parents’ Association to benefit our school. Click the three categories below to learn more about our Free Money program participation and encourage grandparents, other family members and friends to join you in supporting Westminster.

Grocery Box Tops for Education Shopping