Student Life at Westminster

Student life at Westminster is divided into five main categories: Spiritual Formation, Student Leadership, Service Learning, Missions and Social Life. The goal in each of these areas is to move our students towards experiencing God and enacting their faith in real and relevant ways. Our hope is that during a student’s time here at Westminster Schools of Augusta, they will come to know who God is, how we are called to live in response to who he is and feel empowered to stand up in the face of cultural pressures in response.

At Westminster, we feel that we need to intentionally pursue each of these areas. Our purpose statement for student life is “to help and empower students to experience God and enact their faith so that they may engage in real world problems while impacting the community around them.” Because of this mission, we include an inclusive student leadership program, weekly chapels, a Spiritual Life Emphasis Week, yearly mission opportunities, service learning at all age levels and a social focus that play a part in the formation process of each of our students. We do not simply pursue leadership, service, missions and social life as offerings for our student–we approach them as an important part of our culture, necessary to “equip students to live extraordinary lives for Jesus Christ.”

I am extremely blessed to serve students at Westminster as the Director of Student Life. Feel free to contact me with any questions of for more information on our student community.

Mike Freace
Director of Student Life
706-731-5260, ext. 2320