House System

Westminster started a brand new tradition in 2009 – a house system!

The idea that has been part of English boarding schools for centuries, is now part of Westminster’s tradition. The Upper School has been split into four groups of students, with each group making a “house”. Each house contains students from grades nine through twelve who will remain in their house for all four years of high school. These houses work together to earn points by participating in various aspects of student life, including: attending games and dances, dressing up for spirit week, participating in extracurricular activities and even serving in the community. The goal of the house system is to promote fellowship between different grades, encourage school spirit, and develop a heart for service. The four houses are : Elliot, Zwingli, Lewis and Bonhoeffer.

The House Cup is awarded to the house that has the greatest number of points at the end of the school year. The name of the winning house is also featured on a plaque displayed on campus.

House Cup Winners


Lewis House


Bonhoeffer House


Bonhoeffer House


Bonhoeffer House