GOAL | Georgia Tax Tuition Credit

GOAL Scholarship Tax Credit

Although not a gift, your support through this program by redirecting your tax dollars benefits our school, and you gain a tax advantage.

By redirecting a portion of your Georgia state tax dollars each year, you can support our school beyond your financial contributions.

Anyone who pays Georgia state taxes may participate. The Department of Revenue (DOR) has set a cap of $50 million of tax dollars that can be redirected to participating schools, so immediate participation is essential in order to claim our share of the allotted funds.

This is your opportunity to tell the government where to spend your tax dollars.

Funds redirected to our school are available for qualified applicants from Georgia public schools who need financial assistance to have the opportunity of school choice. In turn, dollars from our financial aid budget are freed up to assist currently enrolled students.

Businesses may redirect up to $10,000 and individuals/couples filing jointly up to $2,500.

This is not a gift to the school. You are simply prepaying your taxes and gaining an advantage on your federal tax as well.

GOAL Scholarships are awarded via the general financial aid process. If you would like to learn how to contribute to this tax credit program, please contact Westminster’s GOAL Coordinator, .

To learn more about the GOAL program, visit our FAQ or Info & Forms pages.