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As you prepare your Georgia state taxes, take a moment to look at Form 500, line 16. This is the amount you pay in Georgia state taxes. Wouldn’t you like to see some of that money directly benefit Westminster? Under the HB1133, you are able to redirect up to $2,500 if you file jointly and $1,000 if you file separately. A C-Corp can redirect up to 75 percent of their state taxes. An individual who is a member of a limited liability company, shareholder or an “S” Corporation, or partner in a partnership (pass-through entities) is allowed a Georgia income tax credit for up to $10,000 of the amount they contribute to an SSO, as long as they would have paid Georgia income tax in that amount on their share of taxable income from the pass-through entity.

Through the GOAL Scholarship Program, these funds are made available to new students who have met the admission requirements at Westminster and show financial need after submitting all necessary information to the independent company SSO. This frees up budgeted money for current students who have financial need.

Please consider participating in GOAL for 2017. There is a state-wide cap of available tax credits that is predicted to be met the first day of the 2017 year. Early participation guarantees your tax dollars can benefit our school. ANY Georgia tax payer can participate: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. Please register before the 2017 year. You will not owe any money now.


Please consider participating NOW for 2017 before the tax credits are gone. Many people who wanted to participate last year were denied because there were no tax credits left.

GOAL Steps for Contributors

– OR –

  • Fill out the 2017 GOAL Tax Credit Form and give to Christal Duggan in the Lower School (the front desk). She will make sure GOAL receives your form. GOAL will use this information to complete the form they send to the Department of Revenue (DOR).

– THEN –

  • Once approved (sometime in early 2017) you may write a check for your approved amount to “Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc.” Do not write your check to Westminster. If you are approved by the DOR, GOAL will send you a confirmation letter to file with your 2017 Georgia tax return (or, if you file electronically, to hold in your tax file in case the DOR requests a copy in the future).
  • You may also use the credit card option and fill out your credit card information on the contribution form.
  • Or you may pay online here.

For more information, visit the GOAL section of our website or visit