Update from the Board of Trustees

Many exciting things are happening at Westminster! Our capital campaign has been fulfilled, we have received our $1M grant and Knox Hall is almost complete. We look forward to the keys to Knox Hall being given to the school and the celebrations that will follow in the coming weeks. The community’s sacrificial giving has made this milestone a reality, and Knox Hall will be an enduring legacy for Westminster.

Another point to celebrate is the way the school is actively integrating the use of technology in our academic curriculum. The 1:World program is taking shape and the board, faculty and staff are very excited about its implementation next year. We look forward to partnering with parents to make this program successful.

Your board of trustees is also in the middle of a very thorough selection process for our next Head of School. After compiling the results of the surveys completed by the faculty, parents and board in January, a detailed job description has been developed. This description serves as the base on which the entire search rests. Candidates will have to demonstrate that their abilities align with the goals and objectives of  the school. The board feels confident our school will find the right person equipped to handle the many challenges and opportunities our school faces. Please join us in prayer that the Lord will continue to lead us as the search continues to unfold. The board speaks with one voice when we thank Mr. Brian Case for his outstanding leadership in serving as our Interim Head of School as we continue the search process.

At the annual board retreat, we focused on the mission statement, “Westminster seeks to glorify God by providing an excellent education that equips students to live extraordinary lives for Jesus Christ.” More specifically, we spent time defining what we mean by an “excellent education.” Education takes many forms: academics, arts and athletics, and the goal should be to have each of these grounded in the Gospel Truth. ”Excellent education” also means getting our children ready for college and providing them an education that is the best in the CSRA. We are working with the Interim Head as we seek to find the right balance to address the concerns that surround this concept.

We hope that everyone has a safe and restful spring break and we look forward to finishing the school year well.



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