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Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

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In Westminster's Upper School, experiential learning and leadership opportunities, as well as a multitude of extracurricular offerings, allow students to grow into well-rounded, independent thinkers, ready for life in college and in their chosen careers. Inspiring teachers motivate students to challenge ideas and take thoughtful risks. Active college counseling helps each student to identify the college best-suited for them.

We approach everything we do in the Upper School with the end in mind. Our "Portrait of a Graduate" goals paint a clear picture of where we are leading our students:

  • understand the times and know what to do;
  • move from the classroom to the athletic field and fine arts center with ease;
  • work well with others but are unafraid to chart their own course;
  • do the right thing even when no one is looking and even at personal cost;
  • knowing they have not yet arrived, always seek improvement and strive to finish well.

Cindy Bramhall
Upper School Principal

"Westminster is an amazing school and definitely prepared me for college. The teachers are all great and truly care about the success of their students. There are many activities and clubs at Westminster, and the facilities are very nice and well taken care of."

Senior, '18

Curriculum Guide

Graduation Requirements

Academic Excellence

Delivering personalized instruction and a proven curriculum

Students should find their coursework at Westminster both challenging and engaging. Goals of our academic program include:

  • fostering a Christian worldview through the integration of faith and learning
  • challenging students to think critically and clearly
  • developing a disciplined approach to studying
  • cultivating a desire for continuous improvement and learning to train students to be discerning in decision-making
  Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Biblical Studies Christian Foundations New Testament Studies Apologetics; Christian Leadership; Ethics & Issues; Family Studies; Study of James Intro to Philosophy; Christian Leadership; Ethics & Issues; Family Studies; Study of James
English English 9; Honors English 9 World Literature; Honors World Literature American Literature; AP English Language & Composition British Literature; AP English Literature & Composition
Foreign Language French 1 & 2; Spanish 1 & 2; Latin 1 & 2 French 1; French 2; Spanish 2 & 3; Honors Spanish 3; Latin 2; Honors Latin 3 Honors French 3; Spanish 3; Honors Spanish 3; Honors Spanish 4; Honors Latin 3; Honors Latin 4; Honors Greek 1A & Advanced Latin Grammar Honors French 4/5; AP French; Honors Spanish 4; AP Spanish; AP Latin; Honors Latin 5; Honors Greek 1B & Advanced Latin Grammar
Mathematics Algebra 1; Honors Geometry Geometry; Honors Algebra 2; Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry Algebra 2; Honors Algebra 2; Precalculus; Honors Precalculus Precalculus; Precalculus & AP Statistics; Honors Precalculus; AP Statistics; Calculus 1 (at Augusta University); AP Calculus BC
Social Studies World History I; Honors World History I World History II; Honors World History II; AP European History U.S. History; Honors U.S. History; AP U.S. History U.S. Government & Politics; AP U.S. Government & Politics
Science Biology; Honors Biology Advanced Physical Science; Honors Chemistry Chemistry; Honors Chemistry; Honors or AP Physics; AP Biology AP Biology; CP or AP Environmental Science; CP Physics; Honors or AP Physics; AP Chemistry
Fine Arts
Concert Band Literary Journal; Yearbook Editor; Concert Band AP Studio Art; AP Music Theory; Literary Journal; Yearbook Editor AP Studio Art; AP Music Theory; Literary Journal; Yearbook Editor
Drawing and Painting; Sculpture; Women's Chorale; Public Speaking; Advanced Chorale Ensemble; Acting & Interpretation; Newspaper; Theater Production; Debate; Creative Writing (available for grades 9-12)
Physical Education Strength & Fitness or Two Varsity Sport Seasons Strength & Fitness or Two Varsity Sport Seasons Weight Training (as optional elective) Weight Training (as optional elective )
Computer Science Intro to Programming; Java Programming (as optional electives) Intro To Python Programming; Intro to Java Programming (as optional electives) AP Computer Science A; AP Computer Science Principles (as optional electives) AP Computer Science A; AP Computer Science Principles (as optional electives)

Innovative Teaching and Learning

Engaging Our Students in Learning for the 21st Century

us robotics team | Westminster

Technology is simply the tool we use to break down the walls of our classrooms so that our learning experiences reach past the confines of our school. Westminster trains students to become leaders in the use of technology with excellence and discernment as a means to collaborate meaningfully, communicate effectively, engage civically, and problem-solve creatively in order to benefit their local and global communities for the sake of Christ.

Each student in grades 6-12 participates in the 1:World initiative, receiving a new Macbook Air to use at home and at school to complement their educational experience. This allows their learning environment to reach far past the confines of the classroom and develop the digital literacy skills that they will need to thrive in the 21st century.

Future Ready

Preparing Students for College and Beyond

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At Westminster, students are able to be in an environment where Christian thought, faith and practice are integrated into every experience, and they are given the opportunity to learn who they are, what they love, and ultimately how to make thoughtful and appropriate choices about their futures. Furthermore, because Westminster is a college preparatory school, the curriculum has been designed in its scope and depth to prepare students to enter their college coursework. Our graduates are future-ready and go on to attend highly ranked universities and have successful careers.

Developing Servant Hearts

Serving God by Serving Others

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One of the hallmarks of Westminster's service learning program occurs each January, when the Upper School participates in Winterim. This program intentionally provides two full days of service for our students to invest selflessly in the community, as they are paired with a local non-profit or charity in order to serve them. It is a great time of immersion into the world of service; these practical experiences give every student opportunity to provide for the least of these, as instructed in Matthew 25.

Westminster's service organizations include both the National Beta Club and the National Honor Society (NHS). Students must meet specific academic criteria and make contributions to recognized community service organizations. This individual commitment by each student goes beyond the school-sponsored community events at Westminster.







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