2014-15 Fine Arts Awards

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Following the Fine Arts concert on Monday, May 4, our Middle and Upper School Fine Arts students were recognized at the annual Fine Arts Awards Banquet & AP Art Show.

2014-15 Highlights

  • One-Act play won GISA AAA state competition.
  • Literary Team won state runner-up.
  • Second year in a row to have a student’s artwork selected to be in the Southern Teachers Agency calendar.
  • 38 percent of sixth-12th grade students participate in fine arts beyond curriculum requirements.


GMEA = Georgia Music Educators Association

6th Grade District Honor Chorus (GMEA)

McKayla Ayettey
Felix Booker
Cara Chiswell
Alli Joiner
Reese Kelly
McNeill Morris
Judah Owen
Caroline Robertson
Ogden Tabb
India Wahl

6th Grade Statewide Honor Chorus (GMEA)

Mary Grace Apostol
Benjamin Bayliss
Maya Davis
John David Kassner
Hadden Peel

Solo and Ensemble (GMEA)

Middle School:
Hailey Wright – Superior

Upper School:
Evan Downs – Superior
Katelyn Shiley – Superior

District Honor Chorus (GMEA)

Middle School Chorus, Grades 7-8
Greyson Anderson
Christina Brown
Kayla Green
Michelle Iwama
Kate Lynch
Selah Owen
Meggie Phelan

Women’s Chorus, Grades 8-12
Ellie Lynch
Gini Blake Nichols
Charis Puckett
Maya Roberts

High School Mixed Chorus, Grades 9-12
Michael Almond
Michael Axel
Abby Stewart Barinowski
Bradley Carter
Elizabeth Carter
Holly Criss
Evan Downs
Grant Hall
Michael Hitchcock
Jonathan Legg
Mary Garrett McLeod
Mackenzie Odom-Jones
Aaron Reynolds
Katelyn Shiley

Advanced Ensemble

Perry Barinowski
Lizzy Cave
Stephen Cave
Holly Criss
Evan Downs
Caroline Gibbs
Lillie Gore
Grant Hall
Michael Hitchcock
Grace Juag
Tyra Kimbler
Robin Lee
Jonathan Legg
Ellie Lynch
Ethan Lynch
Sibley McCallie
Mary Garrett McLeod
Gini Blake Nichols
Mackenzie Odom-Jones
Abbey Robertson
Aaron Reynolds
Maya Roberts
Katelyn Shiley
Matt Zhang

All-State Reading Chorus (GMEA)

Evan Downs

All-State Chorus (GMEA)

Middle School Participants
Sarah Banta
Kayla Green
Luke Yarid

Upper School Participants
Michael Axel
Evan Downs
Mary Garrett McLeod

Large Group Performance Evaluation (GMEA)

Middle School – Superior in Performance and Sight-reading
Upper School – Excellent in Performance and Superior in Sight-reading

Carowinds Festival of Music

Middle School Chorus – Superior rating

AP Music Theory

Deven Fernandez
Grant Hall
Alexis Richardson

Literary Magazine – Inscriptions

Margaret Daniel, Editor-in-Chief
Deborah Banta and Charis Franklin, Managing Editors

Visual Art

Georgia Carolina State Fair


Taylor Hawes – Colored Pencil 2nd

Michelle Iwama – Scenic 3rd, Other 1st, Other 2nd, Other 3rd, Best of Show, Scenic 1st
McNeill Morris- Candid 2nd, Candid 3rd

9th -12th

Chase Hall – Ink 1st
Emily Miller – Ink 2nd
Kennedy McKnight – Ink 3rd
Peggy Chen – Watercolor 2nd
Emily Forrester – Collage 1st
Hannah Pearson- Ink
Haley Hall – Pastel 1st

Emily Miller – Still Life 3rd, Animals 3rd, Other 1st, Other 3rd
Brantley Barinowski – Scenic 2nd
Hannah Mayo – Best of Show, Scenic 3rd, Scenic 1st

Agnes Markwalter Youth Competition.

Selected for the show: Caroline Robertson (Honorable Mention), Elizabeth Rucker, Mary Rushton Massey, Abby Glass, Sam McCartney, and Tanner Myers.

Southern Teachers Agency: 2015-2016 Academic Calendar Artwork Competition

Chen Zhang’s watercolor On the Way, an image depicting the path leading up to the deck, was selected to be in the calendar.

Women’s Art and Design Exhibition at Brenau University

Selected for the show: Emily Forrester, Margaret Daniel, Qiao Huang, Peggy Chen, Haley Hall, and Summer Hall. Summer Hall – honorable mention for her ocean photo In Perspective.

AP Art

Peggy Chen
Margaret Daniel
Emily Forrester
Haley Hall
Summer Hall
Qiao Huang
Tanner Myers

National Speech and Debate Association

Westminster’s debate and forensics team finished 17th out of 234 in the state of Georgia (top 7 percent), including public and private schools, and we are and in the top 25 percent in the nation.

Wake Forest Tournament

Ellie Lynch: Quarterfinalist for Humorous Interpretation
Nathan Bailey and Chris Morgan: Semifinalists for Duo Interpretation

Bob Jones Tournament

Kaleigh Anderson: 5th out of 50 in Impromptu

Grovetown Tournament

Nathan Bailey: 2nd Place in Dramatic Interpretation
Ellie Lynch and Kaleigh Anderson: 1st Place in Duo Interpretation
Holly Criss and John Gaylor: 3rd Place in Duo Interpretation
Kaleigh Anderson: 4th Place in Impromptu

Students who earned degrees for Debate:

Carlos Zayas: Merit
Rod Bayliss: Distinction

Students who earned degrees for Forensics and Public Speaking:

Mary Cain: Merit
Anne Elise Garrison: Merit
John Gaylor: Merit
Emma Pearson: Merit
Charis Puckett: Merit
Carlos Zayas: Merit
Ysabel Velez: Merit
Nathan Bailey: Honor, Excellence
Collin Bouye: Honor
Holly Criss: Honor
Fallan Flatow: Honor
Ellie Lynch: Honor
Emily Colley: Excellence
Alex Hurd: Excellence
Kaleigh Anderson: Distinction
Chris Morgan: Distinction
Ivan Syritsyn: Special Distinction, Superior Distinction

Coach Degrees:

William Jewett: Merit
Paul Owen: Special Distinction

NSDA All-State members (top 10 percent of Georgia students)

Jacob Criss
Ivan Syritsyn

Ivan and Jacob are both All-State members, with Ivan in the top 75. He also has the school’s all-time leading point total and highest degree ever earned.

Senior students who receive cords for having NFL degrees of Excellence or higher:

Jacob Criss
Ivan Syritsyn

Debate – Founder’s Club

Jacob Criss
Ivan Syritsyn

GISA State Debate Tournament:

Rod Bayliss: GISA State Public Forum Debate 10th Place Speaker
Jacob Criss: GISA State Public Forum Debate 7th Place Speaker; GISA State Public Forum Debate Semifinalist
Chris Morgan: GISA State Public Forum Debate 4th Place Speaker; GISA State Public Forum Debate Semifinalist

Drama Awards

“Alice in Wonderland”

Best Newcomer: Ellie Fuller
Best Supporting Actress: Fallan Flatow (Playing the role of “Queen of Hearts”)
Best Supporting Actor: Micah Franklin (Playing multiple roles, including “Humpty Dumpty”)\
Best Actress: Ysa Velez (Playing the role of “Alice”)
Best Actor: James Knox (Playing multiple roles, including “The Lion”)

“39 Steps”

1st place at Region Tournament
Jonathan Legg and Chris Morgan – All-Star Cast
Kaleigh Anderson and Nathan Bailey – Best Performer Awards

State Champions
Art/Makeup Team – Honorable Mention
Kaleigh Anderson and Nathan Bailey – Best Performer Awards

Best Supporting Actress: Alex Hurd (role of “Farmer’s Daughter”)
Best Supporting Actor: Chris Morgan (role of “Clown 1”)
Best Actress: Kaleigh Anderson (roles of “Annabella/Pamela”)
Best Actor: Nathan Bailey (role of “Richard Hannay”)

Crazy for You”

Best Newcomer: Carlos Zayas
Outstanding Chorus Member: Emily Miller
Outstanding Chorus Member: Gini Blake Nichols
Outstanding Chorus Member: Mary Garrett McLeod
Best Supporting Actress: Alex Hurd (role of “Irene Roth”)
Best Supporting Actor: Ivan Syritsyn (role of “Everett Baker”)
Best Actress: Ellie Lynch (role of “Polly Baker”)
Best Actor: Nathan Bailey (role of “Bobby Child”)

Best Techie Awards

Best Techie: Ellie Fuller
Best Techie: Aubrey Reynolds
Best Techie: Rod Bayliss

Drama Mama Awards

Kimberly Gless
Jenna Griner
Denise Flatow
Missy Smith
Melanie Nichols
Stephanie Morgan

Drama Dads

Brian Epps
Bert Mayo
Richard Flatow
Ricky Criss
Stan Mulliken

International Thespian Society

Kaleigh Anderson
Rod Bayliss
Mary Cain
Holly Criss
Ellie Fuller
Alex Hurd
Ellie Lynch
Emily Miller
Christopher Morgan
Charis Puckett
Ysa Velez

Honor Thespian: Involvement in theatre for at least three years with 60 points earned, which represents around 600 hours of work in theatre. Receiving a white stole to be worn at graduation:

Ivan Syritsyn

Literary Tournament

(Georgia Independent Schools Association – GISA)

*School region champion as a team
*State runner-up as a team

Region Second Runner-up:

Katelyn Shiley, Maya Roberts, Mary Garrett McLeod, Girl’s Trio
Mary Garrett McLeod, Girl’s Solo
Michael McCraith, U.S. Extemporaneous Speaking

Region Runner-Up:

Alyssa Carrad, Spelling
Peggy Chen, Piano
Evan Downs, Boy’s Solo

State Fourth Place:

Boys’ Quartet – 2nd in region: Jonathan Legg, Grant Hall, Jacob Woods, Evan Downs

State Second Runner-up:

Ellie Lynch: Humorous interpretation – 1st in Region
Nathan Bailey: Dramatic interpretation – 1st in Region

State Runner-Ups:

Caroline McCully: Personal essay – 1st in Region
Nathan Bailey/Chris Morgan – Duo interpretation – 1st in Region

State Champion:

Ivan Syritsyn: International extemporaneous speaking for the third straight year. He also took first at region all three years.

Westminster Fine Arts Plaque Awards

Art Spirit Award: Margaret Daniel
Excellence in Music: Grant Hall
Excellence in Forensics: Ivan Syritsyn
Excellence in Technical Theatre: Aaron Reynolds
Excellence in Theatre: Ivan Syristyn
Excellence in Fine Arts: Jonathan Legg

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