2015-16 Fine Arts Awards

The below achievements were celebrated at the Fine Arts awards banquet, held on May 9.

Click image to view event gallery.

Click image to view event gallery.

2015-16 Highlights

  • The debate team won the state championship
  • The one-act play won runner-up at region and state
  • The literary team was region champion and state second runner-up
  • For the first time in school history, a student won a regional gold key for Scholastics Art and Writing Awards
  • Our choral department participated in a Disney workshop (Middle School) and a choral tour of Germany (Upper School)
  • 34% of Middle and Upper School students were involved in a fine art beyond the regular curriculum requirements

Sixth-Grade District Honor Chorus
Wellsley Fuller
Rachel Goodell
Jacob Hanna
Ella Perry
Eli Scott

Sixth-Grade Statewide Honor Chorus
Jenna Buchanan
Olivia Dill
Lillian Hornsby
Anna Ruth Owen

District Honor Chorus
Middle School Chorus, Grades 7-8

Mary Grace Apostol
Leigh Blanchard
Christina Brown
Cara Chiswell
James Knox
Kayla Kucela
Kate Lynch
Caleb Wilson

Women’s Chorus, Grades 8-12
Mackenzie Odom-Jones

High School Mixed Chorus, Grades 9-12
Michael Axel
Michael Hitchcock
Grace Juag
Mary Garrett McLeod
Christy Newton
Maya Roberts
Katelyn Shiley
Kiersten Ward

Solo and Ensemble
Superior rating: Mary Grace Apostol, Leigh Blanchard, Cara Chiswell, and Kayla Kucela

All-State Reading Chorus
Michael Axel
Evan Downs
Ellie Lynch
Mary Garrett McLeod
Katelyn Shiley

All-State Chorus
Stephen Cave*
Evan Downs*
Michael Hitchcock
Katelyn Shiley*
Luke Yarid

*Gold seal recipient, recognizing 90% or higher accuracy on the second audition.


District Beginning Honor Band
Katelyn Dawkins
Brad Joiner
Connor Lutz
Jack Tabb
Henry Waller

AP Music Theory
Jessica Caron
Peggy Chen
Evan Downs
Michael Hitchcock
Robin Lee
Chris Morgan
Katelyn Shiley

Literary Magazine Inscriptions

Student editors: Deborah Banta, Alyssa Carrad, Justin Gaffney, Alex Hurd, Ethan Lowe, and Caroline McCully

Visual Art

Georgia-Carolina State Fair

Sixth-Eighth Grade
Franklin, Micah – Markers 2nd
Franklin, Micah – Acrylic 2nd
Robertson, Caroline – Acrylic 3rd
Franklin, Micah – Ink 2nd

Andrews, Julia – Still Life 2nd
Andrews, Julia – Still Life 3rd
Colley, Erin – People 1st
Andrews, Julia – People 2nd
Andrews, Julia – People 3rd
Andrews, Julia – Animals 2nd
Andrews, Julia – Animals 3rd
Andrews, Julia – Candid 1st
Andrews, Julia – Candid 2nd
Andrews,Julia – Candid 3rd
Andrews, Julia – Scenic 1st
Andrews, Julia – Scenic 2nd

9th -12th
Pearson, Hanna – Acrylic 1st
Chen, Peixin – Colored Pencil 1st
Hall, Chase – Colored Pencil 2nd
Hall, Chase – Ink 1st
Chen, Peixin – Water Colors 1st
Pearson, Hanna – Collage 1st
McElmurray, Abby – Collage 2nd
Hall, Chase – Mixed Mediums 1st
Wah, Olivia – Mixed Mediums 2nd
Banta, Sarah – Mixed Mediums 3rd

Colley, Erin – Still Life 2nd
Criss, Holly – People 3rd
Mayo, Hanna – 2nd
Criss, Holly – Candid 2nd
Vickery, Caroline – Scenic 1st
Vickery, Caroline – Scenic 2nd
Miller, Emily – Other 3rd
Chen, Peixin – Best of Show

Agnes Markwalter Youth Competition
Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art hosts the annual youth competition where three artworks from Middle School and three artworks from High School are selected to compete against schools around the CSRA. It is an honor to be selected for this show. This year’s six artists were Marisol Zayas, Lillian Hornsby, Bennett Duckworth, Caroline Vickery, Chase Hall and Hannah Pearson. Marisol Zayas won second place in Division 2 with her anti-bullying photograph and ink artwork.

WADE competition
Each year Brenau University host their annual Women’s Art and Design exhibition. It’s a juried competition where selected artists show their work and attend a day of art workshops and an awards ceremony. The artists selected for the show are Hannah Pearson, Abby McElmurray and Chase Hall.

AP Art
Hannah Pearson, Abby McElmurray and Chase Hall

Scholastics Art and Writing
The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. The Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Through the Awards, students receive opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships. Students across America submitted nearly 320,000 original works during our 2016 program year across 29 different categories of art and writing.

The following Westminster art students received an honorable mention: Hannah Pearson, Abby McElmurray, Peggy Chen and Chase Hall.

For the first time ever one of our students—Sarah Banta—is receiving both a silver key and gold key, the two highest regional awards.

National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA)
Westminster’s debate and forensics team finished 17th out of 234 in the State of Georgia (top 7 percent), including public and private schools, and are in the top 25 percent in the nation.

GFCA (Georgia Forensics Coaches Association) Tournaments

Wake Forest Tournament
Ellie Lynch: Quarterfinalist for Humorous Interpretation
Nathan Bailey and Chris Morgan: Semifinalists for Duo Interpretation

Bob Jones Tournament
Kaleigh Anderson: 5th out of 50 in Impromptu

Grovetown Tournament
Nathan Bailey: 2nd Place in Dramatic Interpretation
Ellie Lynch and Kaleigh Anderson: 1st Place in Duo Interpretation
Holly Criss and John Gaylor: 3rd Place in Duo Interpretation
Kaleigh Anderson: 4th Place in Impromptu

State Debate Tournament at Mercer University
Rod Bayliss: GISA State Policy Debate – 1st Place Varsity Speaker Award, GISA State Policy Debate State Champion
Thomas Williamson: GISA State Policy Debate – 5th Place Varsity Speaker Award, GISA State Policy Debate Semifinalist
Elizabeth Carter: GISA State Public Forum Debate – 2nd Place Speaker, GISA State Public Forum Debate Semifinalist
Michael Head: GISA StatePublic Forum Debate – 3rd Place Speaker, GISA State Public Forum Debate State Champion

Students who earned degrees for debate and public speaking
Lee Baker – Merit
Caroline Campbell – Merit
Jonathan Lutz – Merit
Gini Blake Nichols – Merit
John McCraith – Merit
Hannah Pearson – Merit
Kathryn Spencer – Merit
Bronson Tharpe – Merit
Sydney Buchanan – Merit, Honor
Elizabeth Carter – Merit, Honor
Hannah Mayo – Merit, Honor
Tommy O’Neil – Merit, Honor
Dan Wang – Merit, Honor
Michael Head – Honor
Carlos Zayas – Honor
John Gaylor – Excellence
Emily Miller – Excellence
Savannah Smith – Excellence
Kaleigh Anderson – Distinction
Lisa Cook – Distinction

Senior students who received graduation cords for having NSDA degrees of excellence or higher
Nathan Bailey
Rod Bayliss
Emily Colley
Chris Morgan
Savannah Smith
Thomas Williamson

NSDA All-State Member: (top 10 percent of Georgia students)
Chris Morgan

Debate – Founder’s Club

The Westminster Debate Founders Club, established in 1997, is an honor given to four-year varsity debaters who have made important contributions to the Westminster Debate program and receive a Founder’s Club gavel.

Rod Bayliss
Thomas Williamson

Drama Awards

“The Rules of Comedy”

Best Supporting Actress: Abigail Griner
Best Supporting Actor: Judah Owen
Best Actress: Mary Caroline Garrision
Best Actor: James Knox

“Thoroughly Modern Millie”

Region Competition
Second place
All-Star Cast: Chris Morgan, Ellie Lynch, and Nathan Bailey
Best Actress: Kaleigh Anderson (2nd year in a row)

State Competition
All-Star Cast:Ellie Lynch
Chris Morgan: Best Performer Award

Outstanding Chorus Member: Holly Criss
Outstanding Chorus Member: Emma Pearson
Best Techie: Hannah Pearson
Best Techie: Hannah Mayo
Best Supporting Actress: Ellie Lynch
Best Supporting Actor: Dan Wang
Best Actress: Kaleigh Anderson
Best Actor: Nathan Bailey

“Shrek the Musical”

Outstanding Chorus Member: Holly Criss
Outstanding Chorus Member: Gini Blake Nichols
Best Techie: Ellie Fuller
Best Techie: Genevieve Waller
Best Supporting Actress: Kaitlyn Shiley
Best Supporting Actor: Judah Owen
Best Actress: Emily Miller
Best Actor: Chris Morgan

International Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society has been honoring excellence in the work of theatre students since 1929. Westminster has been a member since 2004.  The following students were recognized as National Honor Thespians and are received white stoles (which will be worn at graduation) in recognition of their tireless work over the course of their Westminster theatre careers:

Nathan Bailey
Emily Colley
Fallan Flatow
Chris Morgan

Literary Tournament

Region Competition
Second Place, Boy’s Solo: Evan Downs

Region Competition
Duo Interpretation: Ellie Lynch and Kaleigh Anderson
Quartet: Ethan Lynch, Stephen Cave, Evan Downs, Robin Lee

State Competition
State Champion
Brantley Barinowski, Rhetorical Analysis Essay (placed first at region)

State Runner-ups
Michael Head, International Extemporaneous Speaking(placed first at region)
Caroline McCully, Personal Essay(placed first at region)
Ellie Lynch, Humorous Interpretation (placed first at region)

Third Place
Ellie Lynch, Maya Roberts, Mary Garrett McLeod, Girl’s Trio (placed first at region)
Alyssa Carrad, Spelling (placed second at region)

Fourth Place
Peggy Chen, Piano (placed second at region)
Kaleigh Anderson, Dramatic Interpretation (placed first at region)

Westminster Fine Arts Plaque Awards

  • Art Spirit Award – Peggy Chen
  • Excellence in Music – Evan Downs
  • Excellence in Forensics – Chris Morgan
  • Excellence in Technical Theatre – Carlos Zayas
  • Excellence in Theatre – Nathan Bailey
  • Excellence in Fine Arts – Chris Morgan

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