2016-17 Fine Arts Awards

The below achievements were celebrated at the Fine Arts awards banquet, held on May 9.

2016-17 Highlights

  • Debate Team won State Championship and defended its championship from last year
  • One-Act play won First Place at Region and State
  • Literary Team was State Champion and Region runner-up
  • Best of Show in Photography at Georgia Carolina State Fair (Hanna Mayo)
  • Silver Key in Scholastics Art and Writing Awards (Emily Rogers)
  • Middle School chorus took straight superiors at large group performance evaluation


Sixth-Grade District Honor Chorus
Bria Rae Bentley
Julia Finch
Kenley Hanna
Christopher Hernandez
Leah McReynolds
Abby Wells
Bethany Williams

Sixth-Grade Statewide Honor Chorus
Bria Rae Bentley
Kenley Hanna
Abby Wells

Middle School District Honor Chorus, seventh through eighth grades
Mary Grace Apostol
Lexi Brown
Olivia Dill
Lillian Hornsby
Kayla Kucela
Sydney Roseman

High School Mixed District Honor Chorus, ninth through 12th grades
Christina Brown
Michelle Iwama
Maya Roberts

All-State Chorus
Luke Yarid


GMEA Beginning Honor Band
Colby Hawes
Brooks Johnson
Dylan Pryor

Literary Magazine – Inscriptions

Student Editors
Deborah Banta
Alyssa Carrad
Justin Gaffney
Alex Hurd
Ethan Lowe
Caroline McCully

Visual Art

Georgia Carolina State Fair

Sixth – Eighth Grade
Julia Andrews – Mixed Mediums, 3rd
Bria Rae Bentley – Collage, 3rd
Ruth Ann Case – Pastels, 1st; Mixed Mediums, 1st
Lillian Hornsby – Crayon, 2nd
Mary Rushton Massey – Collage, 2nd
Sydney Roseman – Ink, 2nd
Caroline Robertson – Water Colors, 1st
Sam Williamson – Colored Pencil, 2nd
Caroline Weaver – Colored Pencil, 3rd

Julia Andrews – Scenic, 1st; Animals, 1st; People, 3rd; Other, 3rd
Mary Grace Apostol – Animals, 2nd
Leigh Blanchard – People, 2nd
Kayla Kucela – Still Life, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Mary Rushton Massey – People, 1st
Hadden Peel – Candid, 1st
Sydney Roseman – Other, 2nd; Scenic, 3rd; Animals, 3rd

Ninth – 12th grade
Sarah Banta – Water Colors, 3rd
Anne Elise Garrison – Oil, 3rd
Julia Pruitt – Collage, 2nd
Olivia Wahl – Mixed Mediums, 2nd

Holly Criss – Animals, 2nd; Still Life 3rd; Other, 3rd
Alex Hurd – Scenic, 3rd
Tommy Jing – Scenic, 2nd
Hannah Mayo – Best of Show; Animals, 1st
Emily Miller – Scenic, 1st; Other, 1st; Still Life, 2nd
Caroline Vickery – Still Life, 1st; Candid, 3rd
Emmaline Waller – Candid, 1st and 2nd

Agnes Markwalter Youth Competition
Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art hosts the annual youth competition where three artworks from Middle School and three artworks from High School are selected to compete against schools around the CSRA. It is an honor to be selected for this show. This year’s six artists were Hadden Peel, Talley Campbell, Ruth Ann Case, Lauren Rich, Megan Rich and Savannah O’leary. Ruth Ann Case won second place with “Walt & Claude”, Hadden Peel won third place for “United for a Cure” and Talley Campbell received a mention for “Our Beauty Within”.

Scholastics Art and Writing
The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. The Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Through the awards, students receive opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication and scholarships. Students across America submitted nearly 320,000 original works during our 2016 program year in 29 different categories of art and writing.

The following Westminster art students received an honorable mention designation: Talley Campbel, Julia Pruitt, Lauren Rich and Emily Rogers. Emily also received a silver key for a different work – which represents a high regional honor for the scholastic art awards.

National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA)
The National Speech & Debate Association is an honor society established to encourage and motivate American high school students to participate in and become proficient in public speaking. This association is America’s oldest and largest high school speech and debate honor society. Since 1925, the Association has enrolled over 1.4 million students in fulfillment of its vision of empowering every child in the United States “to become an effective communicator, ethical individual, critical thinker and leader in a democratic society.

Westminster’s debate and forensics teams compete in tournaments throughout the year. Based on participation and success, each student earns NSDA points which accumulate to earn degrees of recognition.

Students who earned degrees for debate and public speaking:
Lee Baker – Honor
Sydney Buchanan – Excellence
Elizabeth Carter – Excellence
Duncan Crowder – Merit, Honor
Thomas Drake – Merit
Truitt Forrester – Merit
Tristan Gloystein – Merit
Michael Head – Distinction
Caroline Heath – Merit
Tyra Kimbler – Merit
John McCraith – Honor
Daniel Newton – Merit
Bronson Tharpe – Honor
Dan Wang – Excellence
Keqin (Susan) Wang – Merit, Honor
Haibo (Mike) Zhao – Merit, Honor
Mary Cain – Honor
Holly Criss – Excellence
Eliza Epps – Merit
Josh Hale – Merit
Emma Pearson – Honor
Charis Puckett – Honor
Dodie Shaw – Merit
Kylie Smith – Merit

Senior students who receive cords for having NSDA degrees of Excellence or higher:
Kaleigh Anderson
Elizabeth Carter
Holly Criss
Michael Head
Emily Miller
Dan Wang

NSDA All-State Member: (top 10 percent of Georgia students)

Kaleigh Anderson

Debate Awards

2017 State Debate Tournament at Mercer University
Elizabeth Carter – GISA State Public Forum Debate- 1st Place Speaker; GISA Public Forum Debate State Champion
Michael Head – GISA State Public Forum Debate- 2nd Place Speaker; GISA Public Forum Debate State Champion

Debate – Founder’s Club 

The Westminster Debate Founders Club, established in 1997, is an honor given to four-year varsity debaters who have made important contributions to the Westminster Debate program and have earned advanced degrees in the National Forensic League. These students will receive a Founder’s Club gavel.

Elizabeth Carter
Michael Head

Drama Awards


Outstanding Chorus Member – Mary Rushton Massey
Outstanding Chorus Member – Anna Ruth Owen
Best Supporting Actress – India Wahl
Best Supporting Actor – Jack Williford
Best Actress – Maya Davis
Best Actor – Ethan Lowe

“Stepping Out”

Region and State Championship Show

Georgia Theatre Conference
Emma Pearson – All-Star Cast

Region One-Act Play Competition
Ellie Lynch – Best Actress

State One-Act Play Competition
Emma Pearson and Emily Miller – All-Star Cast
Ellie Lynch and Holly Criss – Best Performer Award

Best Performer – Ellie Lynch
Best Performer – Emma Pearson
Best Performer – Kaleigh Anderson

“The Little Mermaid”

Outstanding Chorus Member – Gini Blake Nichols
Outstanding Chorus Member –  Emmaline Waller
Outstanding Chorus Member – Charis Franklin
Best Supporting Actress – Holly Criss
Best Supporting Actor – Jack Tabb
Best Actress – Eliza Epps
Best Actor – Judah Owen

Literary Tournament
The Literary Competition is composed of 14 different individual and group events that include essay writing, spelling, singing events such as solo, trio and quartet, piano, dramatic speeches and extemporaneous speaking on current event topics. Students who place in the top four earn points for his/her school for the overall total and those earning a 1st or 2nd at region advance to compete at state.

Ellie Lynch, Maya Roberts, Mary Garrett McLeod – Girl’s Trio 2nd
Kaleigh Anderson and Ellie Lynch – Duo Interpretation 1st
Emily Miller – Rhetorical Analysis Essay 2nd
Alyssa Carrad – Spelling 2nd
Michael Head – International Extemporaneous 1st
Elizabeth Carter – Argumentative Essay 1st

Eliza Epps – Girl’s Solo 3rd
Emily Miller – Rhetorical Analysis Essay 3rd
Alyssa Carrad – Spelling 3rd
Kaleigh Anderson and Ellie Lynch – Tied 2nd
Michael Head – International Extemporaneous 1st
Elizabeth Carter – Argumentative Essay 3rd

Elizabeth Carter, Argumentative Essay, 1st at Region, 3rd at State, and US Extemp, 1st at region, 1st at State

Westminster Fine Arts Plaque Awards

Art Spirit Award – Julia Pruitt
Excellence in Music – Mary Garrett McLeod
Excellence in Forensics – Micheal Head
Excellence in Technical Theatre – Michael Axel
Excellence in Theatre – Kaleigh Anderson
Excellence in Fine Arts – Emily Miller

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