Students Launch Fundraiser for Kenya

Submitted by Caroline Vickery ’18

On Monday, Nov. 6, the Upper School students hosted a very special guest speaker during Programming Period. Wilson Saningo, a Maasai warrior from the Irmonjin village in southern Kenya, spoke to the student body about the need for a water well in his village. The village of between 300 and 400 people is located eight miles from the nearest water source, which despite boiling it before use, it is still a source of diseases, such as dysentery and yellow fever, and death, because of contamination from animals. Wilson described the dangers of the eight-mile journey: water buffalo, elephants, and pythons pose deadly threats to the villagers, not to mention the exhaustion that ensues.

Wilson flew to the United States–his first time out of Kenya–to raise money to build a well for his village. Because the village is in such an arid climate that often experiences droughts, the well needs to be twice as deep as a regular one. But having a well would greatly enhance and secure the lives of the villagers.

Wilson is being hosted by the family of senior Hannah Mayo during his month here in Augusta. Hannah and her mom first met Wilson last fall on a trip to Kenya and immediately fell in love with the village. “I knew that we weren’t just there for a vacation and a photography workshop,” said Pam Mayo. The Mayos have already raised money for the geological survey in preparation of the well and for Bibles written in the Maasai language, as the Irmonjin village is a Christian community and hosts weekly worship services in their schoolhouse.

With the Mayos’ generous help, the Upper School students have begun fundraising initiatives for construction of the well. After Wilson’s speech, students and faculty had the opportunity during lunch to purchase traditional bracelets and blankets, hand-made by the Maasai women. Additionally, in the upcoming weeks, Upper School students and teachers will have the opportunity to participate in a coin drive to collect loose change towards a goal of $750.

Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution so far, and please continue praying that the Lord will use our school community to bless His people half-way across the world!

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