Student Leadership

The vision for leadership at Westminster Schools is “to equip and empower students through programs, mentorship, curriculum and opportunities to follow God’s will in standing up in the face of cultural issues… to think critically, influence their community and pursue justice with wisdom and humility.” Our goal is to provide students with an opportunity to serve and lead their school. There are a number of avenues to accomplish this goal; the student leadership team (SLT), class officers, club officers and school committees are a few.

We believe that student leadership is an important part of our school and essential to making Westminster a school of excellence. Students are called upon to lead their peers spiritually, socially and in service. While there are formal positions available to accomplish this, each student is encouraged to lead through their actions and be part of leadership at Westminster.

The ultimate goal is for leadership at our school to be inclusive. As we grow and develop as a school, we are looking to formalize the opportunities available for our student body.

Some might ask, “What can I do to prepare for leadership at Westminster?” The answer is simple, find a way to become involved in school life, officially or unofficially. One should adopt an attitude of service and look for ways to serve others. Our aim is to provide students with a full array of opportunities in the future, but in the meantime, one should be proactive about personal opportunities for growth.

Middle School Student Leadership

A new leadership program was inaugurated in the Middle School in the 2013-14 school year. Interested rising eighth-graders submitted an application which included questions about their strengths, weaknesses and views of leadership accompanied by a teacher recommendation.

The entire Middle School student body was divided into six teams, each steered by members of the Middle School leadership team. Students initiated actions in school responsibilities such as lunch and hall duties, flag maintenance, chapel leadership and community announcements. In addition, leaders planned and facilitated service opportunities and student life activities. Through these experiences, students took on responsibilities of a leader and served others as they sought to grow and develop as young men and women of character.

Upper School Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team (SLT) is currently made up of juniors and seniors who are chosen to lead certain aspects of school life. Each member is responsible for a specific area of school life ranging from student life to academics. All members work cohesively as a team in support of one another and ultimately are tasked with leading the student body.

The SLT is a team that is focused both on selection and development of leaders. This particular team is focused on overseeing the big picture of life at Westminster and are selected based on their ability to do that. Knowing this, past experience is a key component for our SLT members. In addition, the team undergoes leadership training and mentorship throughout the year.

What we look for in our SLT leaders? A partial list of criteria include:

  • A humble spirit and willingness to serve first (Each SLT member needs to have the ability to work as a team first.)
  • Willingness to lead and serve in official and unofficial ways
  • Evidence of ability to lead the student body at Westminster
  • Evidence of a relationship with God
  • A passion for leadership
  • Evidence of past leadership (official and unofficial)

Honor Council

The Honor Council is a coalition of students who advocate for their peers, but also hold themselves and those around them [in the Upper School] to a higher standard. Though the term may seem intimidating at first, it is merely a mirror of the Honor Code itself. The Honor Council has and will continue to be a source of encouragement among students, that they are being heard and represented well. In conclusion, Honor Council seeks to fulfill Proverbs 21:21, “He who pursues righteousness and loyalty finds life, righteousness and honor.” – Charis Franklin, senior

See the Honor Code and Honor Council information in the Upper School Family Handbook.

Class Officers

Each class runs an election process for class officers in the spring of each year. Positions available include president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Class deans should be contacted for more information.

Club Officers

There are a number of clubs available at Westminster. Each club elects officers annually. For more information, look at our  Clubs & Organizations page. Each club has a faculty member who provides oversight. To contact a faculty member, please contact our front office.

School Committees & Teams

There are a number of teams and committees that individuals may be part of at our school. Included are student life committees, the chapel design team, etc. Each member of the Student Leadership Team (SLT) oversees a committee in their area of focus.