2013-14 Fine Arts Awards

Our Middle and Upper School Fine Arts students were recognized at the annual Fine Arts Awards Banquet & AP Art Show on Thursday, May 1. Click the below photo to view a gallery from the event.

2013-14 Fine Arts Plaque Winners

2013-14 Fine Arts Plaque Award Winners

Excellence in Music – Caroline Cain
Art Spirit Award – Nora Lu
Excellence in Forensics – Lawson Powers
Excellence in Technical Theatre – Erin Nye
Excellence in Theatre – Brenton Durkee and Grace Goodell
Excellence in Fine Arts – Jarred Hanner

Sixth-Grade Statewide Honor Chorus
Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA)
Eliza Epps
Micah Franklin
Michelle Iwama
Keller Pantsari
Logan Smith

District Honor Chorus
Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA)
Middle School Student Participants
Sydney Buchanan
Auvia Carter
Lizzy Cave
Gini Blake Nichols
Mackenzie Odom-Jones
Charis Puckett
Meaghan Rich
Olivia Wahl

Upper School Student Participants
Michael Almond
Michael Axel
Caroline Cain
Bradley Carter
Margaret Daniel
Grant Hall
Josh Jackson
Lauren McGahee
Aaron Reynolds
Maya Roberts
Katelyn Shiley
Ben Whitlow

All-State Chorus
Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA)
Middle School Participants
Sarah Banta
Ellie Lynch
Luke Yarid

Upper School Participants
Michael Axel*
Caroline Cain*
Stephen Cave
Lawson Powers*
Katelyn Shiley*
* Received a Gold Seal on their certificate for 90% or better accuracy on their second audition

Carnegie Hall & Lincoln Center Performance Participants
Michael Axel
Sarah Banta
Christina Brown
Caroline Cain
Mary Cain
Auvia Carter
Bradley Carter
Holly Criss
Amber Davis
Lillie Gore
Thomas James Gore
Jarred Hanner
Sancken Hatch
Ellie Lynch
Lauren McGahee
Dorothy McLeod
Mary Garrett McLeod
Donnyell Miller
Tess Newton
Gini Blake Nichols
Erin Nya
Mackenzie Odom-Jones
Meggie Phelan
Charis Puckett
Aaron Reynolds
Maya Roberts
Rebecca Smith
Olivia Wahl
Hailey Wright
Marisol Zayas

Editor-in-Chief: Margaret Daniel
Associate Editors: Charis Franklin, Ysa Velez, Alex Hurd

Georgia Carolina State Fair
Sixth- through Eighth-Grades
Christina Brown – 1st, Acrylic
Caroline Vickery – 3rd, Ink
Micah Franklin – 3rd, Pastels
Bailey Evans – Craft

Ninth- through 12th-Grades
Nora Lu – 1st, Crayon
Amy Chan – 2nd, Crayon; 3rd, Pastels
Emily Forrester – 2nd, Pastels; 2nd, Photo Still Life; 3rd, Photo (People); 2nd, Photo (Animals); 2nd, Photo (Scenic)
Peggy Chen- 3rd, Watercolor; 3rd, Mixed media
Margaret Daniel – 1st, Mixed media
Caroline Head – 3rd, Photo (Candid)
Alex Hurd – 1st, Photo (People); 2nd, Photo (People)
Emily Miller – 2nd, Photo (Candid); 1st, 2nd & 3rd Photo (Other)

State Honorable Mention
Hanna Mayo
Gold Key Recipient
Abby Glass

Agnes Markwalter Youth Competition
Artwork selected from the following students:
John Knox
Isabel Willis
Erica Swerski, 3rd place
Nora Lu
Nathan Vital, Honorable Mention
Emily Rodgers, 2nd place

Southern Teachers Agency
Chosen Entries for Calendar Contest:
Emily Forrester
Emily Rodgers
Julia Pruitt
Leila Knox
Margaret Daniel
Peggy Chen
Slayton Lutz
Summer Hall
Tanner Barfield
Tanner Myers

Selected for the next calendar’s May artwork
Peggy Chen – “Rachel’s Garden”

Capitol Art Exhibit
Georgia Art Education Association (GAEA) & the Office of the Secretary of State at the Atlanta Capital Building
Jarred Hanner
Amy Chan

Amy Chan
Jarred Hanner
Nora Lu

National Forensic League (NFL) All-State Members
Top 10 percent of Georgia students
Lawson Powers
Ivan Syritsyn

Debate Degree Earned
John Schafer, Merit
Andrew Gless, Merit
Emily Miller, Merit; Honor
Mallory Bryant, Merit; Honor
Thomas Williamson, Honor
Tanner Wilson, Excellence
Rod Bayless, Excellence
Ben Whitlow, Excellence
Jacob Criss, Distinction
Caleb Herrin, Distinction
Katy Brock, Distinction
Ivan Syritsyn, Distinction

Forensics & Public Speaking Degree Earned
Holly Criss, Merit
Alex Hurd, Merit
Ansley Pantsari, Merit; Honor
Kaleigh Anderson, Merit; Honor
Michael Head, Merit; Honor
Emily Colley, Honor
Anna Grimm, Honor
Jarred Hanner, Excellence
Brenton Durkee, Excellence
Chris Morgan, Excellence
Grace Goodell, Excellence; Distinction
Lawson Powers, Special Distinction

NFL Cords Earned
(excellence or higher)
Caleb Herrin
Kari Brock
Ben Whitlow
Jarred Hanner
Brenton Durkee
Grace Goodell
Lawson Powers

(voted by fellow cast members)

“If The Shoe Fits”
Best Newcomer: Hannah Pearson
Best Supporting Actress: Ansley Pantsari (role of “Gail”)
Best Supporting Actor: John Knox (role of “Herald”)
Best Actress: Ellie Lynch (role of “Lucy”)
Best Actor: Micah Franklin (role of “King Humphrey”)“Harvey”
Best Newcomer: Alex Hurd
Best Supporting Actress: Kaleigh Anderson (role of “Nurse Kelly”)
Best Supporting Actor: Chris Morgan (role of “Dr. Chumley”)
Best Actress: Grace Goodell (role of “Veta”)
Best Actor: Nathan Bailey (role of “Elwood Dowd”)

“Singin’ in the Rain”
Best Newcomer: Chandler Lowe
Best Newcomer: Jonathan Legg
Outstanding Chorus Member: Anne Elise Garrison
Outstanding Chorus Member: Ysa Velez
Best Supporting Actress: Alex Hurd (role of “Dora Bailey”)
Best Supporting Actor: Brenton Durkee (role of “Dexter”)
Best Actress: Anna Grimm (role of “Lena Lamont”)
Best Actor: Jarred Hanner (role of “Cosmo”)

Best Techie Awards
“If the Shoe Fits” – Bailey Evans
“Harvey” – Erin Nye
“Singin’ in the Rain” – Will Newton

Drama Mama Awards
Trina Medlock – Drama Mama Chief
Stephanie Anderson
Jenine Carter
Denise Flatow
Lanier Goodell
Kimberly Knox
Missy Smith

International Thespian Society Members
Kaleigh Anderson
Mallory Bryant
Grace Goodell
Johnathan Gore
Lillie Gore
Jarred Hanner
Michael Head
Alex Hurd
Emily Miller
Christopher Morgan
Ansley Pantsari
Lawson Powers

National Honor Thespians
Grace Goodell
Lawson Powers
Jarred Hanner
Brenton Durkee
Erin Nye

Literary Tournament
Westminster Literary Team: State Runner-Up at the GISA Literary Tournament

Region Second Runner-up
Argumentative Essay: Chandler Holgate
Girls’ Vocal Trio: Amy Chan, Anna Grimm, Mary Garrett McLeod

Region Runner-Up
Girl’s Vocal Solo: Anna Grimm

Region Champion
Piano: Amy Chan

State Second Runner-up
Humorous Interpretation: Lawson Powers
Duo Interpretation: Grace Goodell and Lawson Powers

State Runner-Ups
Boys Solo: Jarred Hanner
Dramatic Interpretation: Jarred Hanner

State Champions
Spelling: Amy Chan
International Extemporaneous Speaking: Ivan Syritsyn
Boys Quartet: Lawson Powers, Jarred Hanner, Nathan Vital, Grant Hall

Michael Almond
Erin Nye
Anna Grimm

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