Fine Arts Night of Celebration

On Tuesday, May 8, Middle and Upper School students and families came together for a night to celebrate the visual, performing, and literary arts at Westminster.  The evening began with a concert with vocal and band performances by both Middle and Upper School students followed by a reception in Knox Hall that included a display of artwork by this year’s AP artists, Emmaline Waller, Savannah O’Leary, and Anne Elise Garrison. Everyone was encouraged to also check out the new art installation on the second floor with artwork by former AP art students. The installation is one of the many gifts provided by Friends of Fine Arts (FOFA), a group of parents who support the arts at Westminster.

Following the reception, awards were presented to students in all areas of the arts, along with a special tribute to Ms. Mary Donnan Heppert, who is retiring this year after teaching art in the Lower School for 29 years.

Along with the individual student awards, 2017-2018 highlights include the following:

  • One Act Play placed 2nd at Region and 3rd at State
  • Debate finished in the top 4 at State
  • Literary team placed 2nd at Region and 3rd at State
  • Savannah O’Leary won a National Silver Medal through the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards.  This is the highest award ever received by an art student at Westminster.
  • Three Best in Show ribbons at the Georgia Carolina State Fair

The following students were recognized and/or received awards:

Visual Art

    Middle School:
    Anna Ruth Owen*, Cassie Joiner, Audrey Millar. Eli Scott, Abby Wells*
    Upper School: Emmaline Waller, Caroline Vickery, Sarah Banta*, Micah Franklin, Thea Fernandez, Anne Elise Garrison, Charis Puckett
    Alumni: Grace Halverson* ’11*Also won Best in Show
    Participants:  Christopher Hernandez, Leah McReynolds, Abby Wells, Savannah O’Leary, Ashleigh Currier, Micah Franklin
    Merit Award: Abby Wells & Micah Franklin
    3rd Place: Savannah O’Leary
    Ruth Ann Case, Luke McCartney, Charis Puckett, Anne Elise Garrison, Emma Pearson, Micah Franklin, Thea Fernandez, Olivia Wahl, Sarah Banta
    Honorable Mention:  Talley Campbell, Anne Elise Garrison, Abby Glass, Emmaline Waller
    Silver Key (Regional Recognition): Emmaline Waller (2), Micah Franklin
    Gold Key (Regional Recognition): Savannah O’Leary
    Silver Medal (National Recognition): Savannah O’Leary

Literary Arts

    National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA)
    Degrees of Excellence or higher: 
    John Gaylor, Ellie Lynch
    All-State Speaker Award: John McCraith, Sydney Buchanan, Susan Yan
    Merit Degree: Jordan Carlie, Ashleigh Currier, Michelle Iwama, Reese Kelly, Stephen Reams, Sydney Roseman, Matt Ross, Olivia Wahl, Nan Woodward, John McCraith, India Wahl
    Honor Degree: Cara Chiswell, Hannah Daniel, Maya Davis, Gini Blake Nichols, Benjamin Bayliss, Kylie Smith, India Wahl, Sam Williamson, Jack Williford
    Distinction: Ellie Lynch

    1st at Region/1st at State: Maya Davis and India Wahl for Duo Interpretation
    1st at Region/1st at State: Alyssa Carrad for Spelling
    1st at Region/2nd at State: Kylie Duckworth for Rhetorical Analysis Essay
    1st at Region/3rd at State:  Eliza Epps for Impromptu Speaking
    1st at Region (DNP at state); Cara Chiswell for Humorous Interpretation
    2nd at Region/4th at State:  Caroline Vickery for Personal Essay

    Alyssa Carrad, Bailey Edmonds, Cara Chiswell, Wels Donaldson, Kylie Duckworth, Sarah Margaret Farr, Savannah O’Leary, Erica Swierski, Mary Claire Williford
    3x Winner Middle School Writing Contest: Abby Almodovar

Performing Arts

    Sixth Grade Statewide Honor Chorus: Riley Roach, Audrey Millar, Alli Roseman, & Abigail Knight
    District Honor Chorus: Kenley Hanna, Abigail Owen, Abby Wells, Christina Brown, Avelina Lee, Kayla Kucela, & Mary Grace Apostol
    Allstate Chorus: Luke Yarid
    Best Techies: Mary Cain, Emmaline Waller, Hannah Mayo, Genevieve Waller

    “The Internet is Distracting”
    Best Performer: Samantha & Abigail Owen

    Best Supporting Actress, Georgia Theatre Conference: Eliza Epp
    2nd Place Region, 3rd at State
    Best Performer Region: Judah Owen
    Best Performer State: Eliza Epps, Jack Williford
    Outstanding Chorus Member: Gini Blake Nichols, Cara Chiswell
    Best Supporting Actress: Role of “Fastrada” Charis Puckett
    Best Supporting Actor: Role of “King Charlemagne” Jack Williford
    Best Actress: Role of “Catherine” Eliza Epps
    Best Actor: Role of “Pippin” Judah Owen

    “Mary Poppins”
    Outstanding Chorus Member: Gini Blake Nichols, Marisol Zayas, India Wahl
    Best Supporting Actress: Role of “Miss Lark and Miss Andrew” Emma Pearson
    Best Supporting Actor:  Role of “George Banks” Micah Franklin
    Best Actress: Role of “Mary Poppins” Selah Owen
    Best Actor:  Role of “Bert” Judah Owen

    Charis Puckett, Emma Pearson, Gini Blake Nichols, Ellie Lynch, Savannah O’Leary, Aubrey Reynolds, Hannah Mayo

Westminster Fine Arts Plaque Awards

Art Spirit Award: Anne Elise Garrison
Excellence in Forensics Award: Ellie Lynch
Excellence in Technical Theatre: Savannah O’Leary, Aubrey Reynolds
Excellence in Theatre: Gini Blake Nichols
Excellence in Fine Arts: Charis Puckett

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