Brad Joiner wins Westminster Geography Bee

Congratulations to Brad Joiner, grade 8, who was recently named the winner at Westminster’s National Geographic School Bee final competition on Jan. 25. Each year, the Nat Geo Bee empowers millions of students to be informed, curious, and knowledgeable global citizens.

Individual grade level competitions were held earlier in January to narrow down the field. A huge round of applause for all participants and for the eight students who reached the final competition:

Grade 6

Josh Buchanan
Riley Roach

Grade 7
Seth Lindman
Jason Tan

Grade 8
Jack Tabb
Jack West
Brad Joiner

Following the school  competition, Brad now has the opportunity to advance to the next level of the competition through a written test. The highest scorers on the written test will advance to the State level competition with a chance to move onto the national championship in Washington, DC.  The national champion wins a $50,000 scholarship from National Geographic and a prize trip.

During the bee, students were asked questions individually such as “Delaware Bay separates the state of Delaware from which state to the northeast?” and “Petroleum refining was an important industry for the economic development of the city of Tulsa in which state?”  for which they were allowed 15 seconds to answer. A second round involved asking the group the same question for which they were to give a written answer.  A third round of questions involved a map that shows interstate highways. Each student used the information on the map to answer questions such as, “Starting in Syracuse, New York, if you travel on I-81 south, you will first enter what state and a historically important coal mining region?” and Starting in San Francisco, CA, if you travel on I-80 east you will enter the Great Basin just before crossing into which state?”

The final round came down to Brad against Jack Tabb, in which they had to answer three questions with the one answering best out of the three as the winner. It was Brad who won with two out of three correct answers. His answer to the final question, “The Seikan Tunnel connects the island of Hokkaido with what other Japanese island?” clinched the win! 

Congratulations Brad and good luck in qualifying for the state level competition!

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