27 Students advance to NHD state finals

Twenty-seven Westminster students are among the finalists of the Georgia National History Day regional competition at Augusta University. Students from several local schools in the CSRA participated on Saturday, March 3, with all finalists advancing to the state contest on April 21 at Mercer University.

National History Day in Georgia is a program of Georgia Humanities and LaGrange College. The purpose of the program is to encourage middle and high school students to engage more deeply in the historical process through research and presentation of that research along with an analysis. Students choose both their subject matter and how they plan to present their research: documentary, exhibition, paper, performance or website.

Congratulations to these Westminster finalists:

Senior Division

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The Christmas Truce Jack Williford, Sam Williamson, Luke Wells, Thomas Paulk Group Exhibit1st 1st
Apartheid Jonathan Apostol Individual Exhibit 2nd
Ides of March Cara Chiswell Individual Exhibit 3rd
Chinese Immigration Avelina Lee Paper lst
Une Algérie Algérienne Michelle Iwama Paper 2nd
Alexander the Great Kayla Kucela Paper 3rd
The Civil Rights Movement Ashleigh Currier, Sydney Roseman Group website 3rd
The Cornerstone of the Peace Process: The Arab-Israeli Conflict & the Oslo Accords Kate Lynch, Christina Brown Group Documentary 1st
Henry Johnson and the Harlem Hellfighters Hannah Daniel, Maya Davis Group Documentary 2nd

Junior Division

Culper Spy Ring Kenley Hanna Individual Exhibit 1st
Brown vs. Board of Education Abby Wells, Emily Farr,  Catherine Farr Group Exhibit 1st
Amy Carmichael Molly Hanna, Leah McReynolds Group Exhibit 2nd
Convoy PQ-17 Tyler Abercrombie, Eli Daniel Group Documentary 1st
Unification of Germany Dylan Pryor, Brooks Johnson Group Documentary 2nd
Catherine the Great Christopher Hernandez, Jack West Group Documentary 3rd


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