Thinking Green, Going Green

Submitted by Avelina Lee ’19

How do we as individuals and as a community care for the earth? Why does it even matter?

Ecomaniacs, Westminster’s newly founded Eco Club in the Upper School, strives to answer these questions. We believe that God has given us stewardship of the earth, and it is our job to care for it.

Under the leadership of Mr. McLarnon, this club was founded with a passion of both students and teachers to make a difference right where we are. The starting projects this year are composting, recycling, and aquaponics. With over 20 Upper School students involved, in just over a month, we have been able to start a worm bin, composting pile, recycling system, and aquaponics herb garden. We’ve also established Mondays and Thursdays as compost days, with instructions posted in the cafeteria. So far students are slowly catching on, but it’s all a matter of practice.

Future initiatives include branching out our projects to the Middle and Lower Schools. It is our goal to spread awareness and impact the Westminster community and beyond one project at a time.

To see what we’re up to, check out @ecomaniacs_wsa on Instagram.

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