What Our Alumni Are Saying...

Zach Pollard“Mrs. Hornsby was a great mentor who inspired my confidence to think independently, fearlessly embrace failures, and to create boldly as an artist.” |   Read more

Margaret Daniel '05
Current Senior at Savannah College of Art and Design

"I saw many students find their passions, learn to better understand themselves and each other, and grow in ways they had not expected – all in a safe environment that valued their ideas, their perspectives, their struggles, and their passions." | Read More

Jay Hartmann '12
Current Student of MFA in Painting Program at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. 

"While I may not know the exact hour, by the time I left Westminster, I was a believer in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ." / Read More

Daniel Finch '89
Professor at Messiah College in Grantham, PA.


"I am encouraged to know there are students who deeply care about the student body of Westminster relationally, academically, and spiritually." | Read More

Jackson Eubank '01 
Grade 4 Teacher at Florida Mesa Elementary School in Durango, CO.



"I have and always will take with me the lessons learned at Westminster. While I live and breathe educational decisions all day, every day, I do my best to do it with the compassion and ethics learned at Westminster. While I attempt to raise my own three sons, I hold Westminster as a measuring stick or benchmark of the type of education I expect for them." | Read More

Ryan Giles '96 
Assistant Principal at Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Aaron Adams"Many of my achievements and current work would not be possible if not for the life-changing work of the teachers and my time at Westminster. Westminster was crucial in my preparation for college and my academic experience and conditioned me to do the hard work."   |  Read more

Dr. Aaron Adams '05
Staff Pediatrician at Walter Reed Medical Center

Amy Robertson"It was the spiritual strengthening I gained at Westminster that gave me confidence to share Christ and stand strong in my beliefs while at Vanderbilt... I discovered how I fit in God's story of redemption at Westminster...I continue to follow Him, taking the Westminster education that shaped me beyond the classroom to serve wherever the Spirit leads me and our family."  |  Read more

Amy (Hancock) Robertson '92
Amy, along with her husband and children, serve full-time on the mission field.


Zach PollardWestminster gave me a challenging, educational environment that helped me grow and develop into the person I am today. The teachers really cared about the students’ spiritual and  educational growth. Their investment helped me continue to succeed scholastically at the University of Georgia.”  |   Read more

Zach Pollard ‘01
Former city director at Mission Year in Houston, TX. Zach is currently working on a Masters of Music in Music Therapy.

Haleigh Mahaffey"I truly owe my success to Westminster. The ability to graduate undergrad in three years made it possible for me to have earned a Masters degree in speech language pathology and have this great job at the age of 23."  

Haleigh (Swierski) Mahaffey '12 
Haleigh works at a private pediatric clinic, Right Steps LLC, in Rock Hill, SC.



Christal Duggan
Alumni Coordinator







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